Year in Review

Another year of growth, learnings, mistakes, development and new opportunities. Looking forward with a pride, we occasionaly glance back.
Let's go!
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We adjusted our offering. Rentlio One - for efficient Vacation Rentals, Rentlio Plus - for professional Property Managers & Rentlio Pro - for modern Hoteliers.


We are building the strongest hospitality-tech company in this part of the world.

We are building the strongest hospitality-tech company in this part of the world.




It's All About the Data

Second edition of Rentlio Rediscover gathered over 250 hoteliers and technology partners. Regional hoteliers are ready for a true digital transformation!

9. STUDENOG 2023.


Rentlio Rediscover is our own and Croatia's very first hotel-tech networking event. In 2024 we plan our strongest edition yet. Join us!

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Organizirali smo prvi hrvatski hotel-tech networking event i okupili stotinjak hotelijera, profesionalaca i tehnoloških partnera kako bismo preispitali budućnost hotelskih tehnologija.
Rentlio Rediscover naš je način promocije suvremene tehnologije u industriji putovanja i turizma, tek prvi od mnogih. Pridružite nam se na vrijeme.
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Modern guest-centric


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80% ARR growth

We celebrated the achievement of our goal and the growth of Annual Recurring Revenue by gathering in one of the most beautiful corners of our wonderful country.

Leadership team formed

A strong organization means a strong company! During 2023, we formed a Leadership team whose task is to achieve our vision: To be a market-share leader in SEE and among top 5 products globally while having a strong community impact locally.

Marko Mišulić


Ivan Padavić


Šime Basioli

Head of Product

Damir Krešo

Head of

Pankracije Barać

Head of

Matija Radovčić

Head of Business Development

Marko Todorović

Head of
Ops & People


New Colleagues Joined our Team

Salary Increase

Investing in our team is a priority. In 2023 we continued with salary increases to boost motivation, strengthen engagement, and build an even more successful future together. Our eNPS is 84.


We introduced an additional incentive with the announcement of the VSOP, through which all employees participate in the financial growth of the company.

Rentlio Booster

Hobbies or gym  - whatever it is. Rentlio Booster is a salary supplement intended exactly for that purpose.

Supplementary Health Insurance

Health is the most important! We have introduced a supplementary health insurance program that allows all employees to have regular general and specialist medical examinations.

Going Around

As speakers, panelists, exhibitors, or sponsors, we participated in over 15 different events with technology and tourism topics in focus.
SaaStanak Meetup
VRM days
HoReCa Adria
Green Future Conference
SaaStanak x Infobip
CroAI Zadar Meetup

Rentlio as an Education Partner

Investing in education is investing in the future! We have arranged cooperation with more than 100 vocational schools. Through Rentlio, students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with modern hotel technology as part of regular classes in tourism and hospitality schools in Croatia. Rentlio Pro will be utilized by the best students preparing for competitions in the "Hotel Reception Operations" discipline. Rentlio Pro will also be used to carry out the competition task for the National Competition of Vocational School Students - Worldskills Croatia 2024.

Running with a Purpose

Again, we were proud participants in the Zadar Christmas Run charity race. For every kilometer run by each runner, we donated 1 euro!

Rentlio Rediscover označava našu strast prema unapređenju turističke industrije kroz suvremene tehnologije. Budite dio naše priče!

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What's Next?

Our effort, work, and learning from mistakes are inseparable from the vision of efficient and sustainable Vacation Rentals, professional Property Management, and modern Hoteliers.

Our idea that has driven us from day one is inseparable from the vision of next-generation technology serving the modern guest.

Thank you for another year together!

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