A year in which we have learned to expect the unexpected — a year of constant and ubiquitous change. Various virus variants, constantly changing conditions, travel recovered only to being restricted again. As the only constant, we kept trying - with all and despite all the changes and insecurities. We kept working. We kept listening to our users. And each other. And that is why we firmly believe in all the good that is ahead of us!
Year in Review
Prebaci na hrvatski


team meet-up

Finally! After a full two years of virtual meetings, we gathered face to face at a traditional Christmas party in Zadar. Although we were not in the entire lineup, colleagues' handshake and sincere smile after the most challenging period in the company's history were more than welcome!

2 events

Although we had to skip the organization of our Friday Talksa for the second year in a row, the live events were slowly starting to come back to life. It was a true refreshment to participate in the HoReCa Adria fair and HOW conference!



Median first response time

Our customer support is our strength. On average, we only need 3 minutes and 36 seconds to answer the first received question via support chat within the app.


out of 2.254 support conversation ratings were rated Amazing or Great


conversations started with our customer support team

extra free days to all team members


crew members

We marked the end of the year with a new hiring round. Rentlio ended 2021 with over 20 members determined to digitize hospitality processes!

product upgrades

We did an average of one upgrade per week for our users to provide an even better experience to their guests!


blog posts

In 2021, our blog platform came to life. We have written 60 interesting, educational and informative blog articles. The three most-read articles in 2021 were:

Net Promoter Score

Our Net Promoter Score grew in 2021. NPS remains one of the three most important metrics we track, and such a high NPS ranks Rentlio in the World Class product category:


employee NPS

Just like customer satisfaction, we monitor team members' satisfaction. We strive to build a healthy and professional work environment around honesty, understanding and transparency.

growth of the new Booking Engine reservations

2021 was the first year of our new Booking Engine & the year of great results comparing to the deprecated booking engine. We believe the growing trend of direct bookings will continue in the future!

accommodation units

After the challenging 2020, during 2021 we managed to return to pre-crisis levels and reach all-time high of hotels, hostels and vacation rentals managed with Rentlio. Join us today!

In addition to the blog platform, we launched our monthly newsletter. We sent over 77,000 emails full of educational materials and interesting facts from the world of travel-tech.

scanned documents

Guest satisfaction is half less if check-in lasts longer than 5 minutes. Thanks to the integrated scanner in the mobile application, our users processed over 160,000 personal documents and thus speeded up check-in time by more than 10 times.

times mobile app calendar was checked

In another year of constant change and work from home, the ability to manage the business on the go was crucial. Over 800,000 times, our users have opened the Rentlio calendar inside our iPhone or Android mobile application.

synced reservations

Rentlio Channel Manager synchronized over a million bookings with online booking platforms such as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia and many others. In addition, we have become Airbnb's preferred software partner!


HRK of revenue

Our revenue was up 26% from a year before. It is great to return to the positive growth curve and prepare the company through stable and long-term growth rates for the following phases.

Thank you!

After 2020, which at times looked cataclysmic, it is a great feeling to be back on the path of growth.

But growth does not come without its challenges. In a massive demand for IT professionals globally, we managed to strengthen our team, which now has over 20 members. Besides constant maintenance of the existing code-base, we managed to develop an entirely new set of features that will soon be released.

We try, we work, we make mistakes, we learn, we build and stubbornly live for our vision of tech-driven tourism and the development of a stable company with global ambitions and significant local impact.

Thank you for being with us in 2021!

Marko, CEO