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EUR of investments

Building a global SaaS product while being bootstrapped is usually seen as a harder way. But, we have chosen that path, and we genuinely enjoy the ride. Being bootstrapped gives you some special kind of peace. A peace that is often missing in VC-backed companies. By having peace, we are provided with freedom of choice and management of focus.


Rentlio baby born

Ivan Petrovic was born on February 2nd. 2x Mare, Jan, Karlo, Andrija & Roko welcomed him to Rentlio Juniors team which is full of happy smiles and cheerful faces. In 2020 the total costs of the Juniors' daycare will be covered by the company.



We worked from six different locations during 2019. That's why team gatherings are so meaningful and special for us. We rocked through the Rizvan City adventure park in late September and enjoyed Xmas lunch in Zadar at the end of the year.


events organized

We are dedicated to supporting our local biz-tech scene. In cooperation with Inovativni Zadar, we have organized a series of 3 Friday Talks for the 2nd year in a row. The venue was not big enough for all those who wanted to join us. Ognjen, Marko & Luka delivered exceptional speeches!


new teammates

Iva laid the foundations for our marketing department. Tome & Julian strengthened our development team while Lovro joined our design forces. In 2020 we will strive to build-up our team by welcoming new teammates and by further development of the people currently working at Rentlio. We are continually looking for exceptional individuals who are aligned with the values we are led by. If you would like to join Rentlio - drop a mail at


years alive

Our journey began five years ago. Although we are at the very beginning of the adventure, the amount of knowledge and experience we have gained in so little time is incredible. Full of confidence and optimism, alongside our customers, we are stepping toward the goal we set in 2014.


days all-company off

We've closed Rentlio for 2 days in 2018. This year we have given teammates even more extra time off. 6 additional days to relax, travel, and spend more time with family & friends - Jun 21st, Jun 24th, Aug 16th, Dec 24th, Dec 27th & Dec 31st.


product dev cycles

We've implemented a new product dev method during 2019. Working in 3-week dev cycles was a significant step forward. Notably regarding cross-team alignment. Each product dev cycle starts with a documented brief and is followed up by one week of research and two weeks of coding & testing. We will continue to polish our internal methods to deliver even better service in 2020.


countries around the world

It is truly inspiring to have users in 42 different countries. For hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and multi-property managers around the globe, Rentlio is a first choice PMS and channel manager.


Capterra reviews

Capterra is one of the most significant independent platforms for software reviews. Thanks to 55 reviews from our users during 2019, we earned a "Best Value for Money" award in the "Hospitality Property Management Software" category.


Net Promoter Score

We measure users' satisfaction by Net Promoter Score. NPS is one of the 3 most important metrics for us. 81% of 1152 surveyed users in 2019 were Promoters, 12% Passives, and 7% Detractors. By NPS classification Rentlio is a World Class product!


employee NPS

Beside monthly one-on-ones, we track team happiness using Officevibe. Honesty, responsibility, and transparency are the qualities in which we strive to become better day by day. Happy and satisfied teammates are the key to long-term sustainability!


conversation rating

We provide support to our users through Intercom. Each conversation can be rated by the user with Terrible, Bad, Ok, Great or Amazing. 97% of conversations during 2019 were rated with Great or Amazing.



In 2019 we were down for only 105 minutes among a total of 525600 minutes. Stability, availability, and security are of the same importance as developing new features.


production deploys

We upgraded Rentlio every three days on average. In total, our software was upgraded 123 times during 2019.


pull requests

Our development team (yes, they are those happy young boys on the photo) made 727 pull requests to 75 repositories. If you are a mid or senior level engineer and would like to become a member of this serious crew - ping us at


social media followers

Our story is spreading around tirelessly, thanks to you - our engaged and loyal followers. We closed 2019 with 4.088 followers on Facebook, 239 on Twitter, 687 on Instagram, and 391 on LinkedIn. We are preparing a lot of exciting stuff for 2020 so follow us to stay in the loop!


accommodation units

During 2019 Rentlio was used to manage more than eight thousands of accommodation units in hotels, hostels, and apartments around the world. WOW!


HRK Xmas gift

As the company revenues are growing, so the more of that revenues will be shared with the teammates. We will remember 2019 as the first time each teammate received a Xmas gift of 2.500 HRK. A symbolic but clear sign of a company vision.


support team replies sent

A tremendous job done by our support team again! 138.055 replies were sent to our users' questions. Please applause for Barbara, Franko, Nataša & Matea!


synced bookings

Listing your property on more than one OTA is a must. Managing those listings without a channel manager is impossible. Rentlio channel manager synced more than 800 thousand bookings between OTAs like Booking, Airbnb, Expedia, HotelBeds, HRS, HostelWorld, and many others.


HRK of revenue

Our revenue increased by 47% compared to 2018. We remain focused on healthy growth, positive cash flow, and careful financial management.

Thank you!

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