Year in Review 2020
It was a year of unfulfilled plans in which the world stopped. It was a year which no-one expected and which taught us many lessons. Focusing solely on the things which are under our own control was our only goal. We made it! That's why 2020, from a product-development perspective, was our best year ever.
Prebaci na hrvatski
Booking Engine
Booking Engine, one of the last significant features we were missing, was published during the summer. More than 200 properties implemented our new booking engine in the first two months after its release.
A calendar is the heart of every Property Management System. To keep it simple, fast & user-friendly while processing enormous data in the background is a formidable technical challenge. We accepted it and deployed 3 major calendar upgrades during 2020.
Mobile App
Our new & fully redesigned mobile app was released in early March. We believe we have set the highest standards in Property Management and Channel Manager category in terms of managing properties on the go.
New Website
We marked June 2020 with a release of our new homepage and blog platform. Our aim is to provide quality travel-tech content for everyone who would like to leverage technology in providing an even better guest experience.
After we've been successfully certified by major global OTAs, we have migrated a Channel Manager infrastructure from a 3rd-party provider to our own. It means even faster sync of rates, availability & reservations for our users.
Our users are our motivation. NPS of 74 proves that.
Our team is our strength. Despite a tough year, eNPS is still high.
We have been operating in a full remote mode for 245 days.
Despite the revenue decline, 0 employees were COVID-fired.
HRK of total revenue
We have experienced a 12,5% total revenue decline in 2020. As a bootstrapped company, we are proud for managing to keep our heads above the water. We are optimistically looking to the future.
Thank you!
In the year of social distance, I had a feeling we have never been closer to each other.

In the year of decline, I had a feeling we have risen more than ever.

In the year of silence, I had a feeling our voice was heard more clearly.

A tough year in which we did our best in dealing with unexpected challenges.

A year in which we learned a lot about everything, but most of all about ourselves.

Thank you for being with us on this journey!
Marko, CEO
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